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14 Shrimad Vibhudendra Theertha Swamiji

Shrimad Vibhudendra Theertha Swamiji

Shrimad Vibhudendra was initiated by Shrimad Surendra Theertha Swamiji as the 14th Swamiji of Kashi Math Samsthan.

Shrimad Vibhudendra was not only a great scholar in Sanskrit but also had written commentaries in Dualism.

Shrimad Vibhudendra has installed the Lord Bhadra Narasimha idol at Shri Madaananteshwara Temple at Manjeshwar after it was renovated in 1804.

The puja rules laid down by the Swamiji is followed even today at the temple.

While conducting the puja of Lord Bhadra Narasimha the Swamiji always used to place the crown of Lord Veda Vyasa of Kashi Math on Lord Narashima. One day during such occasion after conducting the puja when the Swamiji wanted to remove the crown he was unable to do so. This incident made the Swamiji consider that perhaps Lord Bhadra Narasimha wanted the crown to be adorned on him. Thus, he donated the crown to the Temple.
The 108 coins which is used during the Kanabhisheka in Shri Madananteshwara Temple was donated by the Swamiji.

Shrimad Vibhudendra also installed Lord Veera Venkatesha idol at Shree Venkatramana Temple, Mangalore on 1804.

It is also recorded that a Rahadri for the safe travel of Shrimad Vibhudendra was issued in Banaras in the year 1820.

During 1834 when Shrimad Vibhudendra was camping at Manjeshwar he sensed that his end was near. Thus he immediately called upon his Shishya Shrimad Sumateendra to come to Manjeshwar. Since during the olden days quick transportation was not available due to which Shrimad Sumateendra couldn’t reach on time.

Thus in order to ensure that all the pujas would continue Shrimad Vibhudendra initiated another able person as his disciple who was named as Shrimad Vasudendra Theertha.

On Febraury 27, 1834, Shrimad Vibhudendra attained Maha Samdhi at Manjeshwar. His Vrindavana is in the Kashi Math premises located at Manjeshwar.

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