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Video Live Streaming Car Festival 2012 of Sri Venkatramana Temple, Mangalore

The Live Will Start at 04:00 Pm IST  30 -01-2012 of the Famous Car Festival of Mangalore , Spread the News 🙂

Sri Brahmarathothsava
Monday 30.01.2012
8.00am		Prarthana
9.00am          Panchamrithabhisheka
12.00noon       Pulakabhisheka, Shatkalashabhishekam
2.00pm 		Yajna
4.00pm          Yajna Poornahuthi Arathi
4.30pm 		Mahabali -( Golden Pallanki Savari)
5.30pm 		Ratha Pooja, Ratharohana
7.00pm 		Samaradhana
11.30pm		Shree Brahmarathostava
2.30Night       Vasantha Pooja

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  1. chitra bhandarkar

    thank you very much ,happy to be part of teru again 

  2. Many Thanks for the live web telecast… Feeling Blessed

  3. Thank you once again for the live streaming! Very excited to watch Hod teru tomorrow 🙂

  4. Really appreciate the online streaming of the event. Jai Veera Venkatesha!

  5. thanks you ppl for such a excellent website. Truly we are all blessed to view the proceedings at the temple at far away places. 

  6. Good Job.. Thanks 4 this wonderful service..

  7. Excellent work. Thank you so much for the excellent footage of the teru Its such a pleasure 

  8. No volume for the live streaming of the car festival

  9. I missed to attend teru because of my Travel.. Thanks a lot for the live telecast.. May god bless you:)

  10. Having watched the palki utsav and aarti on the theru , I feel truly blessed. Amazing picture quality. Great work and a great thought to make this available to all who cannot be present in mangalore. God bless. 

  11. Thank u so much for the live web telecast. very happy to watch Hod Teru

  12. Thanks for this wonderful initiative. Not in Mangalore this time. Truly feel blessed to view the proceedings at Sri Venkatramana Temple from abroad.

  13. Thanks a ton for the live web telecast. 

  14. excellent video quality and coverage…being a part to kodail theru from this far is a blessing…thanks lot n may God bless them with abundance to whoever made this possible….:-) 

  15. iA N EXLENT  live coverage of bhramha RATHOTHSAVA. BYseeing your coveraGE and  bhajans 

  16. chitra bhandarkar

    sorry to say but today vidio was a bit bad some times no sound some times stuck but when rataran it was good so felt happy to sit at home and be blessed

  17. subramnaya prabhu

    I had missed the carfestical from 5 years, live telecast in your website made it possible for many like me to watch it live and be blessed. Thank you and your team for all the efforts and struggle, may lord veera venkatesha bless you all!!! 

  18. Smitha Pradeep Nayak

    Excellent Video streaming & coverage. Feeling blessed to view the Car Festival from abroad. Keep up the good work. Let lord Venkatramana bless you all…..


    Great ,hats off to your team ,did not of t;dream watching  KODIAL TERU  within one feet ,thank you ,keep it up.Lord Venkatramana bless you all.

  20. Thank you very much for great telecast …pls try to telecast   okkali event  too….we will be greatfull to GSb.net……..thank you .

    • Most welcome sir… very sorry to inform that we wont be able to give live telecast of okkali event.. 

      however we will try to upload the recorded video as soon as we have it.. Thank you  
  21. Thank you so much for the Live Streaming of Teru! We Enjoyed Watching it!!

  22. thank you very much for the live webcast of teru and punar prathista!  we were very disappointed for not being able to watch okkuli and rest of the hodu teru function.

  23. Due to some technical difficulties we are not able to provide live telecast of okkuli. But we will be uploading the recorded video as soon we have it.. We also will be uploading today’s entire event ASAP, thank you and sorry 

  24. Thank you very much,Very happy to see Lord Venkataramana and Kodial teru.

  25. Thank you very much for your live telecast.We r very happy to kodial teru 

  26. please upload bhajans (sri rama jaya rama jaya  jaya ram by upendra bhat)

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