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Video Live Streaming of Punar Prathista of Sri Venkatramana Temple Mangalore

Video Live Streaming of Punar Prathista of Sri Venkatramana Temple Mangalore

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  1. Excellent quality of video.  God bless you Anand Bhandarkar.

  2.  Good viewing, the front page is well set Please rectify the sound if possible.  This is only feedback

  3. thanks to GSB.net for the live program .

  4. Wonderful live streaming I have used the embeded code to share the “Live Streaming” into our website “www.balajisevasamiti.org”……….Thank you. We appreciate the commendable efforts you ahve put in. May Lord Sri Veera Venkatesha bless you all.

  5. Excellent work by the Team Gsb.net. Thanks for the live streaming video.Very good video and audio quality.today’s cultural program by Devrai Kini was just amazing.God Bless you.

  6. Your live streaming of the Bhajans was excellent.You have done a great service to GSB community world wide who will be able to observe this very historic event of our lifetime.Mr.Anand Bhandarkar you have to be commended for all your  efforts you put in. .May Lord Shree Veera Venkatesha bless all of you.My only suggestion would be whether it is possible to identify the group/person performing the bhajan.

  7. Video is excellent and superb pictures. God bless you all 

  8. nice efforts. this keeps us updating about the function.please update the sound also.

  9. Dear Anand,CONGRATS !!!Just saw that your website is up and live streaming is working without any lags. I wish you the very best and hope GSB junta all over the globe and Mangalore commend and acknowledge you for this unique venture.Regards,Vinod Kamath

  10. K.Vishwanath Kamath

    You made us see the programme visible from any part of this globe. May GOD give you success in all endeavours in improving this site.I heartily Thank You once again and wish you all goodness,prosperity and longevity.May Lord VeeraVenkatesh bless all. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

  11. Thanks a lot for the lovely webcast.

  12. thank you all for your wonderful comments we will try to make it as good as possible thank you

  13. Anand Bhandarkar,Thank you giving us this Live Stream. People away from Mangalore are enjoying this benefit and also I am co hosting your “Live Stream” in my website also “www.balajisevasamiti.org”. On behalf of our committee and all the GSB Samaj Bhandhavas residing here in Vasai Road, we profusely thank you for this live webcast…and also for its excellent quality. We feel we are blessed by Lord Veera Venkatesha and our beloved Parama Poojya Swamiji’s..SRINIVASA VENKATARAMANA GOVINDA………………..GOVINDAWeb Admin Balaji Seva Samiti, Vasai Road : Manjeshwar vivekanand Bhaktha (M V Bhaktha)

  14. H Umanath Kamath, Pune

    We were bit sad, on not able to reach , participate and watch entire Punarpratista Mahotsav at Manga lore. This website made us very happy and it is as if we are watching it live. It also made elders watch this programs at home.Thanks for those all who have made this website go live. We pray at Lotusfeet of Sri Sri Sudheendra Teertha Swami , Pattada Shishya Sri Sri Sayamindra Swami and Lord Venkataramana to Bless Us All.RgdsH Umanath Kamath

  15. Hari OmMany thanks for making available live coverage of the entire Punar Prathista  function as well as cultural programs.

  16. Excellent webcast.. Thank you

  17. A/V just perfect. Njoyed it.nice work bro !!!!

  18. Hello GSB.net,                             You people have done a splendid job. I can not thank you with any material words. People like me who have born and brought up near the temple and not able to see this great occasion due to Travel to US, are blessed by seeing the event live here. felt we are there in Car street mangalore.

  19. Very Nice program. Thanks for live streaming for the people outside Mangalore to view the auspicious event of our lifetime! 

  20. Super clarity video given. ThanQ for giving live programmes. Keep it UP

  21. Very Nice and really enjoyed sitting in the house, i watched the programmes from morning till night 11.30 Pm . I am aged 71 years and also sick person. So thank you very much for making me to watch great programme of our temple Punarpratistha of Lord Sri Veera Venkatesha. God Bless you.

  22. excellent coverage of the event Admins…  good work Anand.

  23. Excellent live streaming. Keep it up…. 

  24. Dear GSB net,excellent viewing. gives indepth sense of devotion and the efforts which are really appreciated. Keep up the good workrohit baliga

  25. Excellent video clarity. Thank you for giving us the live stream.

  26. remove the adds in b/w

    • i am sorry to say these are the people who have sponsored this live telecast to happen with their support we are able to achieve this if not it was not possible, very sorry πŸ™‚

      and one more thing there is a black strip just behind the ADS so you are not missing much


    Great job Mr anand bhandarkar keep going on like dis type of uploads, live streaming etc…….God bless u…..

  28. live screening of the temple from mumbai…..awesum!!!!!!:)

  29. Excellent pictures & very good videos. Glad to watch the videos. keep up the excellent work. Thanks to G.S.B.

  30. Excellent effort ! Felt like at the temple from this distant place….  Thanks a lot !

  31. Sadanand Bhat,Swathi Bhat

     Gsb.net.in , is really a Blessing for Amchi people far away from M’lre ,we are able to watch both in the morning n noon (US) timings… Thanks for all your hard work ,efforts ,really a commendable work Sri.Bhandarkar n your Team. We are just Speechles!!! Cultural Programme coverage is very good too.Its like our Dream come true ,watching this Punar Pratishtpana Mahotsav ..,could not make it to attend due to unavoidable circumstances.( never had missed such auspicious temple functions before)Thank you so much.Blessings.

    • Most welcome sir… All the Culture Programs and Event have been uploaded on our website if u have miss any  .. thank you sir

  32. I am not able to hear the sound today. yesterday it was ok. Kindly correct the same

  33. Karyakramu polonu baari kushi jalle…Mastu Mastu Dhanyawadu… Shivaraya kamath & family – Mulky – Hubli

  34. Its ok now thanks. Jai Veera Venkatesh

  35. Upendra Bhat SUUPER. Presentation by Sri Prabhakar Joshi ultimate.

  36. Very good effort…thanks to who are all put their excellent effort to make this Happen…..

  37. Mahesh Prabhu, Dharwad

    fantastic..!! we are very thankful for covering this beautiful occasion and presenting live.. thank u once again…!!!

  38. Last few songs – simply super.. trailer of great songs.. just just just n-joyed !!! it is ultimate

  39. Thanks for the beautiful live coverage.We seek blessings of venkatraman from this site and pray for the success of this programme in the presence of H.H.Srimad Sudhindra Tirtha Swamiji.

  40. The cultural program during last 3 days has been excellent.All performers have done well with superb performances by Shri Deverai Kini,Shri Ajit Kumar Kadkade and Mangalore’s own Shri Upendra Bhat. Shri Upendra Bhat’s stellar and soulful performance  is almost on par with his renown guru late Shri Bhimsen Joshi.Once again thank Shri Anand Bhandarkar and his team for this live webcast so that we who live on the opposite side the globe could enjoy this historic event.

  41. Thank you so much for the Live Streaming of the PunarPrathista Celebrations!! Superb Video Quality!!

  42. Excellent work on once-in-a-life-time occasion. I do not think that such type of live elecast was ever undertaken by anyone else for such a divine GSB activity. My congratulations to all the persons involved in this activity. Lord Venkataramana and His Consorts, as also Hanumantha and Ganesha bless them as well as all the GSBs in the world to follow a brahminical life with lots of Health , Joy and Wealth.I want to highlight one shortcoming in this venture, and that is the commentary in Canarese. As this has been a live telecast meant for all Konkanis, irrespective of their place of living and regional affiliations, the commentary should have been in Konkani.My Pranams to all involved and also to the Lord dear to my heart, Lord Venkataramana and His Consorts as well as to Lord Ganesha and Hanumantha.

    • i will bring this to the notice of the administration of the temple as we telecast what feed we get from the temple today so i am helpless to do any changes, though i can play bhajan but a lot of other important sounds would be missed so i have not played any sound, i totally understand your point madam, and i apologize for this short come , and i am very sorry about this, but i will for sure bring this to the notice of the temple administration for sure, cause i my self am not enjoying the non stop commentary, as it is a irritation for every one and konkani would have made it nice

  43. Excellent Anand… Watching live telecast now.. God bless you….

  44. I din have off in my office ,never mind this live streaming made it happen when i was disappointed .Thanks to the admin of this domain.

  45. I din have off in my office ,never mind this live streaming made it
    happen when i was disappointed .Thanks to the admin of this domain.

  46. Parashurama kamath

    Masth kushi jalle. Dhanyavada

  47. Dear Anand,Finally you have done a wonderful job.Quality of viewing , sound system, showing from different angles everything is good.May Veer Venkataramana bless you with the maiden live telecast a major successin your career

  48. Hi, I am unable to view the telecast. Getting “NetConnection.Connect.Failed” error on the player. Until yesterday i watched all programs. Could u pls help me out. I am using chrome browser.Thnks,Sandeep.

    • please try reloading your page with cltr+F5 or clear your browser cache sorry for the late reply we were very busy with all this work πŸ™‚

  49. anjani devadas kini

    we are blessed  by Him to see such a “once in a lifetime” video.i was wishing to be there,but due to personal reasons i was unable come. thanks to the gsb & video  graphers who made it possible. 

  50. No words to Explain the Blissful feeling i got today sitting in front of my Laptop @ 1.00 a.m in USA. I never dreamt in my life that i will be seeing this function. The service you people have given is immeasurable. God Guru bless you.God bless

    • sir this was provided by http://www.gsb.net.in team, that is me not anyone else πŸ™‚ and the feed was provided by the temple to both of us since i have no proper hardware for mixing various cameras i had taken the feed from their mixer, so i think i am the rightful owner of your blessings

      thank you

  51. Shailaja Bhat Manjeshwar

    Thank you very much Anand Bhandarkar and team. I felt I am inside the temple where my great , grand parents served for more than 50 years and I spent my early childhood.  Looking forward to visit the temple and Goshala..

  52. vishwanath k. shenoy

    Once in a life time opportunity to see this happening. Really a very good effort by all concerned to show live. Sitting in Mumbai and watching was really worth

  53. Excellent effort ! Felt like at the temple from this distant place….  And what a way to start the week to view the lords punar pratishapana the first thing in the morning…Thanks a lot for the entire GSB.net team… Good Job!


  55. H Purushottam Prahu, Dahisar

    Excellent video, Happy to see live from sitting home. Thanks a lot.  God bless all of us

  56. H Purushottam Prahu, Dahisar,Mumbai
  57. H Purushottam Prahu, Dahisar,Mumbai

    Excellent video . Golden opportunity watching live from home. Seeking blessings from Veera  Vithal & Gurujis. 

  58. Excellent work. Never had seen lord venkataramana this close, as I saw today

  59. I can imagine the stress and efforts as well as sleepless days spent by the entire team for the success of this live telecast.. Quality of the telecast was superb. For those people who were not able to attend this function your live coverage was a blessing. My best wishes to the entire team.

  60. Great work. This thought of serving the society is unique. No matter in which part of the world you are physically, your soul is at SVT through this telecast. Keep it up!!!

  61. chitra bhandarkar

    keep it up, awsome  , housewife like me who cant leave thier family and kids and join such functions from banglore are really happy to see the live function in temple daily it has been my daily core now a days , thank you very mch 

  62. totally blissed!

  63. Excellent work done for GSB Samaj Bhandhav, it is nice to see our Veer Venkatesh Vaibhavotsav live from where we are working. We seek Blessing of our beloved God and Hari Guru from here.Again thanks ton for your excellent work

  64. like to update myself wid latest fn in temple

  65. hi andyplz disable windows default sound scemes

  66. Thank you all for your appreciation and wishes

  67. Rekha Shenoy ,Mumbai

    Thanks for making us feel in mangalore, Swamyangele pravachan live aikuche manke kellelakka.. thanks! Great job. Keep it up.

  68. Thanks for this, I do not have words to express my joy…… This live cam feed is a blessing for all the devotees of Veera Venkatesha who couldn’t be present in Mangalore on this memorable occassion.

  69. kamath muraleedhar


  70. sandeep bhandary, bangalore.

    Thanks a lot Anand for providing the live feed.  We feel like we are in Mlore πŸ™‚

  71. Good job Anand. Because of this web cast we are lucky to see once in a life time event. Thank you  and best wishes .

  72. Veera Venkatesha Paadaravinda Govinda…… Govinda…. Very nice being in Bengaluru m able to watch live telecast of Punar Pratishta function…M very thankful to u… May lord Venktramana Bless u with all d happiness in life….

  73. Ganesh Gopal Nayak

    Thank You for the live webcast of the Unique event

  74. if possible please upload upendra bhat’s program which had on 15-01-2012

    • it will be done by today night sir we had a lot to prepare for the 16th so we did not upload and it will be done by tonight

  75. Thanks very much, if not for this telecast, we who are not able to attend this function would have missed it.   Thanks again.

  76. Manasa Santhosh prabhu

    awesome  !!!!!!:)

  77. thanks for gsb.net.in excellent video

  78. Raghav Bhat , Dubai

    Enjoyed every moment of the telecast . Feel blessed . Thank you very much for bringing it to us…

  79. Can we expect same suuuper coverage on the occassion of KODIAL THERU on 30.1.12. please clarify sir.



  81. heartiest thanks for this telecast … its really superb …..

  82. Best livecast ever!!! God Bless you!!

  83. Anand,as I have  mentioned in my previously posted comments , The live webcast was superb.It was indeed  heartening  to watch H.H. Swami Sudhindra Teertha perform the Punar Pratistha ceremony despite his physical limitations.By your own initiative and efforts we GSBs world wide were able to watch this once in our life time religious and historic event.As a token of my appreciation I have mailed to you today a donation in form of a  Cashier’s Check (demand draft).May Lord Veera Venkatesha bless you and your dedicated team.Also could you please publish the list of events and their timings of the webcast you are planning to stream leading to Kodial Teru on this website.

    • thank you for your support sir, it was very generous of you to support indeed it will help us a lot, yes i will be able to let you know regarding the details of kodial theru by another 2 days maximum entire list of the program from the first day till the last day, but until that you could watch the cultural’s and also the Digvijay of Swamiji on 22nd Sunday, thanks a lot for your blessings i am happy that i was able to do this for everyone who were not able to be in person, will try to do my maximum in future 

  84. Hi Anand,  You have done a great job of telecasting the programs live on this website! By not having missed many or any important functions at the Venkatramana temple, i had a sad feeling of not able to attend this historic event from here in US. But, thanks to you i felt i was at Car Street πŸ™‚ while watching the live program! Also, its great that you are uploading these videos on Youtube and it will help people watch these programs whenever they feel like watching..Thank you so much!

    • i am happy that my initiative and hard work has some how made a lot of people happy, and i have got their blessings in return, you are most welcome for your wishes sir, will try to do my maximum to make more events live in future 

  85. kindly upload prog recordings of 19/01/2012…………most of all of us waiting for it …….thanks

  86. Excellent work anand !!! Just want to know from wht time live video telecast starts on Sunday ….


    • We are busy with current festivities… We are waiting for people to provides us with contents..  We will be updating the contents of the website as soon as possible.. . thank you..

  88. Wonderful Job Anand… Keep Going… Thanks very much

  89. Asha Ashok Prabhu

    Hare Srinivasa Hare Venkatesha…. We really enjoyed the live programs. It was excellent!!

  90. Madhusoodan Shenoy

    Sir, Can you upload the video recording of Mr.Kiran Kamath’s programme on 22nd.


    good quality. thanks for live video streaming..good efforts for this unique first time experience of live program.  Thanks. pl continue the good work for Theru also.

  92. Dear Anand, I would be much obliged if you could provide the URL links (you tube) for all the program, as we have missed watching live few programs due to problem in Internet connectivity. regards,Ganesh PaiQatar

  93. chitra bhandarkar

    very sad that we are not getting any vedios of teru , we were awaiting this occasion also 

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