16 Shrimad Vasudendra Theertha Swamiji

Shrimad Vasudendra Theertha Swamiji

While camping at Shri Venkatramana Temple, Kundapur, Shrimad Vasudendra was all set to enforce the decree wherein the division of the Mathas would be made. Shrimad Vasudendra was also about to select his Shishya. When he was about to enforce Shrimad Vasudendra got the news that Shrimad Sumateendra had expired and that the question of guardianship of Shrimad Bhuvanendra Swamiji arose as he was still the minor.

With all his wisdom Shrimad Bhuvanendra Swamiji requested Shrimad Vasudendra to become his guardian. Shrimad Vasudendra not only obliged but also gave up the idea of dividing the Matha. He also delegated all his rights and share of his Kashi Matha property to Shrimad Bhuvanendra whom he had accepted as his Shishya.

Shrimad Vasudendra Swamiji attained Maha Samashi at Manjeshwar on May 16, 1859. His vrindavana is situated to the side of his Guru

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