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19 Shrimad Sukriteendra Tirtha

Shrimad Sukriteendra Tirtha

Shrimad Sukriteendra Tirtha was the nineteenth Swamiji of the Kashi Matha. He was born on Friday, Phalguna Bahula Navami of Durmukhi Samvatsara (Sh. Sh. 1818) corresponding to 26th March, 1897. He was a great ascetic and an orthodox Swamiji.

The Swamiji had perfomed installation and reinstallation ceremonies at various temples. During the year following the passing away of his Guru, Shrimad Sudhindra Tirtha Swamiji used to have the same dream almost every night, in which he felt at one moment that his Guru had passed away; on the next moment he felt contrary to this. He used to see the Guru-Swami every night. The divine presence of the Guru Swami was always felt by the shishya-Swami. When the Vrindavana was constructed in Kochi and when the idol of Lord Hanuman was installed, such dreams became rare and in due course totally stopped. This Vrindavana had unlimited glory.

On one occasion Shri Narasimha Shat of Mulki was to perform pujas in Shri Venkataramana temple, Kasaragod. However, his wife was in hospital in a serious condition and he had to attend her also. He was in a fix. At that moment, his thoughts reached the Vrindavana at Kochi. He solemnly vowed that if his wife recovered and became all right, he would invite Shrimad Sudhindra Tirtha Swamiji to his home and perform Pada Puja. The same night, his wife had a dream in which she saw Shrimad Sukriteendra Tirtha Swamiji (he had already passed away and left his mortal body), who gave her prasada and told her that she would recover from the illness. She did show signs of recovery from the very next day and within a few days she completely recovered from the illness and returned to her home. Shri Narasimha Shat could perform the puja in Kasaragod temple without any anxiety. Subsequently the couple invited Shrimad Sudhindra Tirtha Swarniji to their home and performed Pada Puja and narrated the glory of the Vrindavana of the Guru-Swami and his wife’s dream.

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