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07 Shrimad Madhavendra Theertha Swamiji

Shrimad Madhavendra Theertha Swamiji

The seventh head of Kashi Matha Samsthan was Shrimad Madhavendra Theertha Swamiji. Shrimad Madhavendra was instrumental in installing the idol of Shri Bindu Madhava Temple in Banaras’s Kashi Matha. He also installed Shri Varadaraja Venkataramana Temple in Gurupura, Dakshina Kannada District.
He was also the founder of Kashi Matha in Walkeshwar of Mumbai. Shrimad Madhavendra is one among the three Swamiji’s (Sant Jnaneshwar of Alandi and Raghavendra Swamiji of Mantralaya) in India who have attained Samadhi while they were still alive. This is why the devotees believe that these Swamijis are still alive and grant the wishes of people who pray to them.

It is also believed that few have felt the presence of Shrimad Madhavendra near his Vrindavan. It is said when Shrimad Shukratindra Theertha Swamiji while camping in Walkeshwar would always hear sounds of wooden Padukas. One day during such camp he went to the lake opposite the Matha premises to take bath. There he saw Shrimad Madhavendra Theertha Swamiji going to the lake with wooden paduka.

A person named Narasimha who was the resident of Mulki of Dakshina Kannada District wanted to test the claims by people with regards to the presence of Shrimad Madhavendra at Walkeshwar. Thus one night he slept in a portion in front of the Vrindavana so as to block the path which the Swamiji took to go to the lake. The next morning he found himself lying below the steps of the Tulsi. There was no single scratch on his body, and it seemed somebody had carefully lifted him and laid him below the Tulsi plant.

Even till this date it is believed that whoever prays in front of Vrindavan their wishes will be granted.

Shrimad Madhavendra attained jeevanta Samadhi on August 1, 1775 at Walkeshwar Math.

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